Energy saving and environmental protection is the foundation of Jinyi people's factory building

    The company has always instilled the concept of "running a green factory" into every "Jinyi man" and throughout all aspects of enterprise scientific research, production and product supply, adhere to the "energy-saving and environmental protection" as the basis of the factory, increase the cost of environmental protection in production links, establish quality, environmental management system operation mechanism to ensure the realization of production. Energy saving, environmental protection and efficient circular development.
    The company uses self-designed clean energy manufacturing equipment - - - high-purity cold gas producer to provide the fuel needed for production - - - clean gas; the use of self-developed, intelligent property rights of the hot air loop high-efficiency smelting furnace to produce zinc alloy, can reduce energy consumption, save costs, and achieve green environmental protection, so that the finished product is not. Contaminated.
The company has a set of professional environmental protection facilities to control environmental pollution. The exhaust gas is absorbed by liquid and treated by medicine, and the dust is absorbed and recycled by a self-designed pulse cloth bag chamber. When the cooling water is purified and reused, it can save resources and purify the environment, and achieve zero discharge. Therefore, the company has passed the certification of ISO14001 environment system of SGS, an international authoritative institution.

Quality supremacy is the magic weapon of Jinyi man.

    Since the founding of the company, Jin Yi people have always regarded product quality as the life of the enterprise, adhere to the international authority SGS ISO9001 quality system certification as a "magic weapon" strictly enforce the rules and control, all zinc alloy products are registered by the Shanghai Stock Exchange and LME (London Metal Exchange) of high purity original. Materials (including Australia, South Korea, Peru, Shaoye and Zhuye zinc ingots, etc.) are produced, and each production link is precisely controlled by smelting experts, casting experts, metallographic and mechanical engineers. The company's modern quality inspection center is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment, such as German SPECTRO MAXX direct-reading spectrometer, German SPECTRO ARCOS plasma emission spectrometer (ICP), atomic absorption spectrophotometer, visible spectrophotometer, universal electronic testing machine (for testing tensile strength, elongation, compression strength) Mechanical properties such as degree, bending strength, metallograph, Brinell hardness tester and Japanese KYHS-A2 hydrogen detector are strictly tested and tested according to the national standards for raw materials and finished products. The products are labeled and classified by bar code, and all unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory.
    Jinyi die-casting zinc alloy is characterized by fine crystalline density, good oxidation resistance, high strength, stable performance, low remelting temperature and high yield of die-casting products. It meets the requirements of international environmental standards (ROHS, EN71 Part 3, CPSIA, etc.), and is widely used in sanitary ware, mobile phone shell, digital products. Equipment, clothing accessories, high-grade models, furniture accessories, high-grade locks, automotive accessories, electronic appliances, sports goods and other industries, deeply trusted by the majority of users, so established the company's leading position in the zinc alloy industry.

Scientific and technological innovation is the way for Jinyi people to build factories.

    The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and development, has established scientific research cooperation relations with many well-known universities in China, and has carried out the development and utilization of scientific research projects. The company has set up a zinc alloy research and development room and a zinc alloy museum, introduced and trained a number of scientific and technical personnel, researched and developed a unique zinc alloy production equipment and cooling technology, "three wastes" treatment technology, new antioxidants, widely used in production, and achieved remarkable results, independently created Jinyi brand zinc complex. Gold, scientific research projects and production technology have been granted six national utility model patents and one invention patent; in 2011 was approved as a national high-tech enterprise; participated in the revision of the 2014 edition of "GB/T 8738-2014 zinc alloy ingot for casting" and the formulation of "YS/T 994-2014 zinc master alloy ingot for casting".

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